Master Detective August 1996


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Infringement of civil liberties is a matter which will probably be raised far more frequently in the years to come. Technology has made the "Big Brother" nightmare a distinct possiblility – and already there has been talk about putting photographs on driving licences, fingerprints and retinal prints on credit and bank cards. Video-cameras in city streets are already a reality, as well as computer data – including DNA information – on known criminals. Some people are beginning to be alarmed by the amount of personal information available to the authorities, particularly as the subjects of this data are not necessarily aware of just what that information is, whether or not it is accurate, and who it is available to. Many unsuspecting citizens have fallen foul of wrong credit-ratings, and it is a fact that anyone who opts of the system by taking up a nomadic lifestyle is vociferously disapproved of by the police, press and general public. Scar stuff? But on the other hand why is it that convicted paedophiles can, on release from prison, change their identities and mix with the community at large without parents of endangered children ever knowing?

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