Master Detective April 2022

Master Detective April 2022


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Britain was shocked by the torture-killing of little Arthur Labinjo-Hughes at the hands of his stepmother. But, as we highlight in “Death Sentence For Wicked Stepmother” in this issue, the case has a disturbing US parallel.

“A girl never becomes so wise in the ways of the world that she cannot be deceived by a scoundrel.” So said a radio commentator in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1950, following the predatory murder of Betty Jane McCall. The case is the first in a new series, US Executions – The “Rock ’N’ Roll Years,” starting this month, in which we’ll be highlighting killers who paid the ultimate price in the changing post-war US.

Finally, don’t miss out on a trip to Victorian London and a meeting with Kate Webster, “The Maid Who Sold Human Dripping.”

Highlights this issue include:

* Death Sentence For Wicked Stepmother

* European Crime Report: “Bravery Award For Woman Who Died Thwarting Terror Attack,” “Date Drugged, Raped And Murdered At 13,” “Skinny Old Man With A Sex Problem,” “$40 Million Theft Was Music To Their Ears”

* New Series: US Executions – The “Rock ’N’ Roll Years”: Betty Jane’s Killer Wouldn’t Take No For An Answer

* Women On The Gallows: Kate – “The Maid Who Sold Human Dripping”

* Hanged At Strangeways: Part Five

* Scotland’s Classic Cases: Grimsby Slayer Went North To Kill Again

* First Man Hanged By William Marwood

* Bondage Killer Was Ambulanceman

* MD Forum: Warder Killed By Escaping Prisoner

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