Heather Knecht Reynolds was living the American dream. An accomplished academic, the blonde 41-year-old had a successful husband in a well-paid job in IT and three lovely boys…

Was this the same Heather Reynolds who went on trial for the murder of her 17-month-old son Axel in July 2022? In front of a court with no one in the public seats, due to Covid-19 restrictions, she chose not to testify.

The assistant New Jersey State prosecutor Peter Gallagher was blunt to the point of brutality. He told the jury of nine women and three men: “All the evidence at this point says it is not possible for anybody else to have killed that child.

“[Heather] would go to any lengths to get rid of Axel to maintain her extramarital affair, and her drug addiction exacerbated her determination to kill Axel because he was taking up so much of her time, she couldn’t spend it with her lover.

“[Heather] tried to cover her tracks because when police searched the house they found one of Axel’s shirts in the dryer, along with a towel in the washing machine and her stash of drugs…”