Master Detective March 2023


A notorious rapist known as the Beast of Jersey had been horrifying islanders for years by the mid-1960s. So when missing 11-year-old schoolgirl Joy Norton was found raped and brutally murdered, speculation was rife that this notorious criminal had committed his first killing. But was there, in fact, another monster on the island? Read “Jersey Horror Of The Body In the Fridge” for the full story.

With a successful career and nice home, mom-of-three Heather Reynolds had much to be happy about. Or so it seemed. How could she, of all people, turn to murder? Find out in “What Turned Heather Into A Child-Killer?”

Married Bob Grosse had dug a hole in the garden for a fishpond. But his wife had other ideas… See this issue’s “MD Forum – Noelene’s Husband Dug His Own Grave” for the full story.

Highlights this issue include:

* What Turned Heather Into A Child-Killer?
* European Crime Report: “‘Landlord From Hell’ Poisoned His Tenants,” “The Lethal Lady From Brazil,” “Five Die In ‘High Noon’ Stand-Off”
* Murder Was My Business: 1947…A New Street Crime Hits London
* Dublin’s “Lily Dotie” Mysteries
* MD Forum: Noelene’s Husband Dug His Own Grave
* Jersey Horror Of The Body In The Fridge
* Noah Collins’s Fatal Kiss
* Who Killed Dr. Gaines?
* International Casebook Of Women Executed For Their Crimes: Shocking Secret Of Minnie’s Hatbox

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