The congressional committee that reversed the Warren report decided that the President “was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy” and that “two specific Mafia bosses, Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante, had the motive, means and opportunity to have carried out the assassination.”

The probable scenario was that the plot was hatched by Marcello, Trafficante and Jimmy Hoffa. Looking for a “nut” to take the blame, they must have thought Oswald’s arrival seemed like the answer to a prayer. Having sought out the perfect place for an ambush, they found Oswald a job in the high-rise book depository.

Perhaps they heard later that he wasn’t such a brilliant marksman, so they planted one or two professionals at vantage points.

John Martino, a former member of the Dallas Mafia, told investigators the plan was that after the shooting Oswald would make his way to the cinema where fellow-conspirators would meet him and arrange his escape. The plan was ruined when he shot a police officer and then got himself arrested in the cinema.

There was no way the Mafia could get to him after that, so the priority was to silence him. Jack Ruby, the only hood who could walk freely into police headquarters, was given the contract…