When she died, the Ballroom world mourned the passing of Dorian Corey. Then a body was discovered in the closet at her apartment and suspicion grew that she’d been a killer…

In October 1993, Lois Taylor was still coming to terms with the death of her close friend and ally, Dorian Corey, the famous drag artist. It was barely two months since Dorian had passed away that August. Opening the doors to her Harlem apartment for the buyers made Lois shiver.

The moment that she did, however, those buyers instantly made a beeline for the closets, expressing their admiration and awe out loud.

“Wow, look at this!”


The joy and delight radiated through the apartment. Until someone innocently asked “What’s in this?”

It was a heavy, plaid suitcase that had been hidden away at the back of one of the closets. They managed to haul it into the open, laid it down and somehow got it open.

The foul scent of decay burst out in an explosive wave. The cause lay in front of them, and it was horrifically, glaringly obvious.

It was a human body…