USA True Detective Vol. 2 No. 8

USA True Detective Vol. 2 No. 8


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People living in San Francisco will have heard of, if not eaten, Santos Linguisa’s sausages which were made from a secret recipe passed down by company director Stuart Alexander’s great-grandfather, Luigi. But then the food inspectors came to the factory and insisted that the Alexanders’ sausage-making methods were not complying with health and safety regulations. Nobody could have predicted that this routine check would escalate into a full scale war with three people dead as a result – least of all Luigi, who had arrived in America from Italy at the begining of the 20th century and worked as a butcher for five dollars a week before he started experimenting with recipes.

We continue our series on women killers with an analysis by crime-writer Jon Sanders of why women are driven to murder. Their motives are as old as time itself – sex, love, greed, passion and jealously – and as universal. But it is still shocking to read how vengeful the weaker sex can become.

Nick Yarris tells how he met Ted Bundy on Florida’s Death Row. Bundy, who was the most notorious serial killer the United States has ever thrown up, could be charm personified, or as venomous as a cobra, if, like Nick, you crossed him.

There are two fascinating cases from Australia to enjoy – one from the 1920’s where detectives were astonished by the reaction of their chief suspect when he was ordered to undress.

Plus we report on several cases from England where killers have claimed that they were asleep when they unleashed their murderous impulses on their victims. Does this mean they were innocent? True Detective weighs up the evidence…it will surprise you.

Two women searching for a missing colonel in a darkened house came within a door’s width of a horrific discovery…and their own certain death

Gangsters in the London underworld

Just who was responsible for the early release of a thug from prison is not known. What is clear is that it cost a mother of two her life.

Please note that if you a regular read of True Detective, True Crime, Master Detective or Murder Most Foul you probably would of read these stories

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