USA True Detective Vol. 2 No.15


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Jealousy can be like reading a novel. You want to know when, where, how and why.

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Jealousy can be like reading a novel. You want to know when, where, how and why. Something drives you to uncover the whole story – to put together all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle.
This is what happened to Sergeant Stephen J. Schap, who at one time had been a trusting husband. But when he learnt that his wife wanted to divorce him, he became suspicious. He started reading her diary, and the more he discovered the worse he felt. And as he fed his curiosity, so his jealousy grew into the most terrible rage. "Now You Can Sleep With Him Every Night," must rank as one of the most disturbing murder cases ever.

And while some people kill for love, others are motivated by greed. Kate Knight was at her wits’ end over her debts and decided that her husband would be able to help her out. But he was so much more valuable to her dead – so on their seventh wedding anniversary she laced his meal with anti-freeze. He is now blind, deaf and lost the function of his kidneys. "She has completely devastated my life," he says. "She was my wife. I adored her and I thought she adored me too."

This issue is full of intriguing tales, none more so than The Derby Hotel Mystery. A reader wrote in to ask about the couple who were found dead in a hotel in Derby, England, in 1899. What we uncovered is incrediable.

Please note that the stories from the pages of the UK True Detective, True Crime, Master Detective and Murder Most Foul

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