True Detective Summer Special 2020

True Detective Summer Special 2020


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This collection of cases from the pages of True Detective and its sister magazines brings you a concentrated dose of the best stories from across the world.

Highlights include:

* Twenty Years For Aylesbury’s Bad Mood Murderer

* Doctor’s Drink Was Laced With Cyanide

* Death Sentence For Sydney’s Man-Woman Murderer

* Barbecue Killer Sold Victims As “Special Meat”

* Party Ended In A Bloodbath

* Heartbroken Dad’s Deadly Revenge

* Austin Sigg’s Story Of Murder

* Norfolk Murder Solved By “Good Old-Fashioned Detective Work”

* Destined To Die A Horrible Death

* Life For The Milkshake Murderess

* Strange Clue Of The Pet Boa Constrictor

* The Torso In The Tank Murder

* Dr. Weirdo And The Whores

* Innocent Grandmother Locked Up For Murder

* Ashley’s Last Walk Home

* Wife’s Body Was Cut Up In The Bath

* Chatham Horror: “I’ve Just Cut Rosie’s Head Off”

* “The Hitch-Hiker Did It”

* Holly Gave Her Man A Daily Dose Of Death

* Margery Wren’s Murder Secret

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