True Detective Summer Special 2008


•Shocking Crimes Of A Cheshire Housewife. •How The Suffolk Strangler Became A Killing Machine. •The photo that sent a killer to the gallows.

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Most people become more efficient or focused in the home or workplace by honing their skills. Suffolk strangler Steve Wright, however, was honing his "skills" as a killing machine long before he murdered five Ipswich prostitutes. By all accounts, he "practised" on his second wife by exploding into violent rages to attack her with his bare hands, with a viciousness that defied explanation. Now apparently Wright’s behaviour towards his wife will be studied by prison psychiatrists, particularly in view of the fact that until he killed five times in rapid succession, he did not have a single conviction for violent behaviour. Sadly, five innocent young women had to pay with their lives for that to come about.

When the cold months set in motorists often top us their car radiator with anti-freeze. Kate Knight used the ethylene glycol-based substance to top up her husband via his food, leaving him brain-damaged, blind, deaf and comatose for 10 weeks.

The ad left nothing to the imagination, simply stating: "American millionaire seeks slim young woman." A straightforward enough message, right? Wrong. The message would prove to be deadly, underlining the fact that nothing in the world of true crime is ever straightforward.

"A most weird and mysterious crime." Said Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about a crime that took place in the Lake District in 1928. He remained convinced that an innocent man had hanged but was his theory correct?

From hero cop to the "big sleep." The first ex-police officer executed since Texas resumed executions in 1982.

Cumbria’s bungalow murdes. Who shot and burned Joseph and Mary Nixon? Could the suspect hae really committed this double-murder, as claimed by the prosecution?

Why Cynthia shot the witness.Why would a man climb in his neighbour’s window at night unless he had something really bad in mind for her?

The photograph that sent a killer to the gallows. Brighton Rock ws the hit film of the year and George Semini looked the part when he dressed up – but was he a killer like Pinky Brown?

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