True Detective Summer Special 2001

True Detective Summer Special 2001


Secrets to kill for. What did they both cover up? Grandad’s body grew lovely tomatoes. Horrific hanging in Guernsey.

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If the stories weren’t true, they would be unbelievable. We have uncovered two murder cases which, on the surface, have little in common. A wealthy dermatologist in Massachusetts shoots his wife in front of his family, and a beautiful model is arrested in South Carolina 17 years previously. What did the two killers have in common?

A most bizarre murder. It was almost unbelievable that a child should be killed for such a trivial reason and by such a person.

Death in the servants’ hall. A tale of passion and violent death at one of England’s most famous schools.

Bury the bodies in Scotland. Murder rampage of the mad butler.

Horrific hanging in Guernsey. The hanging should have been over in seconds, but it took 15 agonising minutes; Tapner screaming, his white hood turning blood red!

Grandpa Thurman Martin was the sort of man who wasn’t missed when he disappeared. He was well known as an abusive and violent carer of the two grandchildren he and his wife had brought up as their own, and there was little love lost between him and his daughter Diana. But something had definately happened to Grandpa…

A shooting at the Savoy…

Murder Inc. Gangland’s executioners.

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