True Detective Summer Special 2000

True Detective Summer Special 2000


Why celebrity stalkers terrify the stars. The Jill Dando enigma Strangled hubby dug his own grave The Al Capone story

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Why celebrity stalkers terrify the stars. They pursue their celebrity prey relentlessly and they kill when it suits them. Here a True Detective team of writers, analyses a new brand of criminal whom no law on earth can stop…

Strangled hubby dug his own grave. Noelene Anderson was busy. She had been sorting out her house. Her boy friend George Weaver was about to move in. The bedroom was cleaned out – which she looked forward to sharing with her lover – the lounge and dining-room were spick and span. The kitchen was spotless. Everything was where it should be, not least her husband, who she had just buried under the foundations of the house.

Woman turns amateur detective to trap a triple killer. Jo Ann Steffey suspected her neighbour was the killer…

The game was up when lady luck left gambler. Years of working in a gambling casino trained Jenny Schueneman to recognise faces. her skill was put to the test when she saw the photograph of a wanted man in this magazine.

Manchester’s vengeful lover…While her husband was away in the army Mary Ann began seeing someone else. When her husband returned, however, the other man was not easily got rid of.

Murder and romance. "Romantic writing," Nancy Richards-Akers, one said, "allows me to modify reality just enough to give it hope." But she was powerless to alter the tragic course of her passionate love affair with the hero who dominated her own life…

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