True Detective Summer Special 1996

True Detective Summer Special 1996


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Mystery death of the Brighton day tripper. Who killed the London Bunny girl? Loch Tay cottage terror. Newcastle woman stripped, murdered in street.

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Bloodbath at the home of gentlefolks. The old folks gave each other inquiring glances as the day wore on. Their benefactress, Lady Mary, hadn’t come down to breakfast, and she hadn’t come down to lunch…

Case of the beheaded redhead. Stacy Willets was looking for fun and adventure. She became a missing person…and ended up as a skeleton in a dense wood. But why should anyone want to kill her?

The tower of terror. The picturesque Scottish cottage was like something out of a holiday brochure. Then a stranger came, lurking in the bracken with his gun under his arm and murder in his heart…

Massacre at the squire’s house. James Rush owed a lot of money to the local landowner. And when Rush had a problem, he usually picked up a gun and shot his way out of it…

Woman stripped, raped and murdered in street. On New Year’s Eve one of Newcastle’s most vicious young criminals set out to get drunk and find a woman. And everyone in the city who knew George Vass knew he wouldn’t fail in those objectives.

Hot Springs, Arkansas. He had a big appetite for food, liquor and money, and no one in Hot Springs had ever met a man with a bigger heart. The problem though, was that women were the ruin of Indian Bill.

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