True Detective September 2018

True Detective September 2018


In Child’s Hands Cut Off, a troubled marriage leads to horrific events in Accrington…


The vicious revenge of an evil stepfather in 1920s Lancashire, a 1950s murder that shocked Northern Ireland and a memorable 1990s tale from Warwickshire of a murdering husband and his infamous crocodile tears are just three of the must-read cases in this edition of TD. In Child’s Hands Cut Off, a troubled marriage leads to horrific events in Accrington and devastating, life-changing injuries for a young girl aged only three.

Crimes That Made The Headlines – Killer Clown Was Husband’s Murder Plot, takes us back to 1994 and the extraordinary events played out in and around Nuneaton. Carol Wardell, the manager of a branch of the Woolwich building society, had proved herself to be diligent, loyal and extremely capable. Did she have any suspicion that Gordon Wardell, her husband of 12 years, was about to carry out an elaborate money-making murder plot in which she was to be the victim?

Questions & Answers – Belfast Murder Of A Judge’s Daughter, takes us back to 1952 and a case that haunts the nation to this day. The victim in this extraordinary case was 19-year-old Patricia Curran, the daughter of eminent judge Mr. Justice Curran, and a signed confession not surprisingly condemned airman Iain Hay Gordon. But was he really the killer? Things just didn’t add up. Why did the victim’s family behave so strangely? Was it a cover-up? Was Hay Gordon the fall guy in a conspiracy? Were the IRA involved or was Patricia the victim of a criminal with a grudge against the judge?

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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