True Detective October 2009

True Detective October 2009


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Structural alterations were made within Dublin’s Richmond Prison, an executioner was “secured from one of the low haunts of the city”

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Structural alterations were made within Dublin’s Richmond Prison, an executioner was “secured from one of the low haunts of the city” and the rope tested. So all was declared ready for the city’s first “private” execution, which top-hatted gentlemen had paid to watch. But not everything went according to plan. For when the lever was pulled and the trap-door opened, the condemned man plummeted to a death that transfixed everyone who witnessed it with horror. The drop, at 14 feet, was too long… Hanging In Dublin Prison.

When 54-year-old Daniel Bardsley was found battered to death in his Oldham bookshop on Sunday, July 27th, 1913, the police soon had two suspects in mind: 17-year-old former bookshop errand boy Edward Hilton and his 20-year-old cotton mill worker friend Ernest Kelly. After being found guilty at their subsequent trial, Kelly was sentenced to death and Hilton jailed for life. Not too unusual a case for the world’s top true crime magazine, you might think. But as Hilton was too young to qualify for capital punishment at the time of the crime, the case echoes the Craig/Bentley fiasco 40 years later.

When an Irish suburban mum with three young kids had a love affair with another man she told her husband their 13-year marriage was over. The result was a tragedy for everyone.

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