True Detective November 2016

True Detective November 2016


Continuing our series on The Memorable Trials of Norman Birkett…


As the setting for Alexander McCall Smith’s charming No. I Ladies’ Detective Agency series of novels, Botswana is affectionately portrayed as a country where good-natured decency is in abundance. But a nation’s justice system does not always reflect the inherent goodness of the people… In this month’s Commonwealth of Killing, Why They Hanged Mariette, we travel to the southern African nation to consider the shameful and shocking case of Mariette Bosch, a convicted killer whose treatment at the hands of the Botswanian authorities can, at best, be described as inhuman. Don’t miss it.

Who Put The Lady In The Trunk?, the latest in our series on The Memorable Trials of Norman Birkett, sees the celebrated advocate at work in one of the most sensational cases of his colourful career. In accepting the brief to defend alleged killer Toni Mancini for the murder of Violette Kaye, Birkett found himself in the uncomfortable position of many a defence counsel: defending a client you believe to be guilty. Would his renowned eloquence help to persuade the jury to see it otherwise?

When Bath teenager Melanie Road was horrifically murdered in June 1984, her family were left devastated. But it would be more than three decades before they would finally see justice done after the brilliance of modern science finally nailed her heartless killer. Killer Caught By DNA…After 32 Years for the full, incredible story.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

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