True Detective November 1993

True Detective November 1993



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Jack The Ripper has claimed another victim – Warner Books Inc. in the USA have decided to pulp 200,000 copies of The Diary Of Jack The Ripper after declaring the whole thing to be a hoax. In this country, however, at the time True Detective went to press, the British publishers still intended to press ahead with the project, unimpressed with the ink-testing conclusions of their statesite counterparts. But hoax or not why shouldn’t readers be allowed to draw their own conclusions? Over the past hundred or so years, fingers of accusations have been pointed at such unlikely suspects – so why shouldn’t one more fantastic piece of whimsy be added to the mountain of titles already in existence?

The real Jack The Ripper is named in our story. Our man fits in with the current thinking on serial killers, and would hold up to analysis by an FBI psychological profiling expert. And that’s final…for now.

Currently in the USA, the most dishonourable man in the world is under investigation by the FBI for his part in the Bombing of the World Trade Centre. Terrorists are always fanatics who are repared to sacrifice the lives of many innocents, purportedly to make some kind of point. They use some political or religious cause to justify their insanely selfish craving for power, and enlist (by fair means or by foul) the assistance of the gullible and easily led. We present you with two such cases – one still a current case, the other from way back in the 1950s, when a playground full of schoolchildren was bombed by a man who wanted to show people that he was angry. Which is the most monstrous case? We’ll leave that to you to decide…

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