True Detective May 2018

True Detective May 2018


When teenager Conrad Roy was found dead in his pick-up truck as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning…


When teenager Conrad Roy was found dead in his pick-up truck as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, his devastated family knew he’d taken his own life. Months later, however, they came to the conclusion that his sometime girlfriend Michelle Carter had played a criminal role in the tragedy – and the state of Massachusetts agreed. Assisting a suicide was one thing – but conspiring, instructing and then goading Conrad into taking his own life in phone calls and text and social media messages was quite another. Michelle, then aged 17, was indicted for Conrad’s voluntary manslaughter, a homicide charge that carried a maximum 20-year sentence. Did her actions add up to manslaughter, or even murder?

In Crimes That Made The Headlines – “Must Dickman Be Hanged?”, we go back to the north-east of the early 20th century for a controversial murder case that still intrigues. A wage carrier had been killed on the train from Newcastle, but was the man in the dock, John Dickman, actually the killer? Concerns over witness statements and an identity parade would see the whole case sent to the Court of Appeal by the then Home Secretary Winston Churchill. Another project for Oscar-winner Gary Oldman, perhaps?

Finally, to America’s Most Evil – 10 Death Sentences For “The Grim Sleeper,” in which we hear about LA binman Lonnie Franklin’s horrific three-decade killing career, which supposedly included a 14-year hiatus.

Enjoy the read – and let us know what you think!

  • Michelle: Was It Murder By Text?
  • Crimes That Made The Headlines: “Must Dickman Be Hanged?”
  • TD’s Crime Photos
  • River Of Death: Who Killed The Servant Girl In “Suicide Meadow”?
  • Make A Break:Wordsearch
  • Your Letters / More of your views
  • Questions & Answers: Electric Chair For The Anarchists
  • The Indestructible Irishman
  • Prize Competition
  • America’s Most Evil: 10 Death Sentences For “The Grim Sleeper”
  • Hanged In Australia : Rabbit-Hunter On A Murder Rampage
  • Execution USA
  • 120 Were Hanged At Pentonville – Part Six
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