True Detective March 2022


Twenty-five years since the brutal event, the unsolved February 1997 murder of schoolgirl Billie-Jo Jenkins continues to intrigue. Aged 13, the youngster was battered to death on the patio of her home in Hastings, East Sussex. The murder weapon: an iron tent peg. Her foster father Sion Jenkins, a deputy head teacher employed locally, would subsequently be charged with killing her – and he was eventually jailed before being formally acquitted in a legal saga that continued to make headlines for years. He always maintained his innocence, claiming that an intruder was responsible for the killing and that blood spray found on his clothing had got there when he moved his foster daughter’s body. See this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines – Will We Ever Know Who Really Killed Billie-Jo?” for the full story.

When nine-year-old Candice “Candy” Rogers was murdered in Spokane, Washington State, in March 1959, few could have imagined that it would take 62 years to solve her murder. Modern DNA technology was employed to finally crack this coldest of cold cases. But that was far from the whole story, as you’ll find out when you read “Is This A Record? Six Decades To Solve Candy’s Murder”.

A third child-murder features in “Stoke’s Tragic Case Of The Unwanted Boy” in this issue. Six-year-old Dennis Shenton had done nothing wrong but his mother’s boyfriend, an habitual liar, seemed to have a problem with him…

Highlights this issue include:

* Is This A Record? Six Decades To Solve Candy’s Murder

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Will We Ever Know Who Really Killed Billie-Jo?

* America’s Most Evil: Horror In The Electric Chair

* Stoke’s Tragic Case Of The Unwanted Boy

* The Corpse In The Boiler Pit

* Questions & Answers “You Can’t Kill Your Wife And Shoot The Judge” – Even In Reno

* Hanged In Australia: Vendetta In The Outback… Hysteria In The Death Cell

* The Last Man Hanged On Guernsey

* Execution USA

* Hanged In Wales: He Felled Margaret With An Iron Bar

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