True Detective March 1995

True Detective March 1995


The Roger Severs case – stirred up a hornet’s nest…

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Fierce debate has gone on in our office over a number of these stories – always a clue that an issue is going to be brilliant. Our first story – the Roger Severs case – stirred up a hornet’s nest when it was suggested that perhaps the parents brought their own murders upon themselves. On the other hand, the argument raged, the killer is not a child, or mentally retarded; he is a middle-aged man fully able to make the moral distinction between right and wrong.

What happened to the boyfriend in ‘The Winson Green Canal Mystery’. Different sources appear to disagree – some say the fellow was knocked unconscious, others that he was temporarily dazed, while others maintain that he was frightened and ran away.

Weird tale of the fortune-teller and the assassination on Cortez Avenue,Rancho Viejo, Texas. A story of the most astonishing obsession with rejection, and retaliation of the deadliest kind!

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