True Detective March 1994

True Detective March 1994


Brian Marriner re-examines the Red-Mini murder

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Whenever anything preventable goes wrong, the public is reminded that the police are only human too. So it should come as no surprise that some of them have over the years had a try at committing the perfect murder. What is surprising, howeer, is that a man with first-hand knowledge of policing should come to make such elementary blunders. Brian Marriner examines the case, along with the Kim Newell case, better known as the “Red Mini” Murder.

As another example of a car murder that was found out. And for readers warming to the theme of crooked cops getting their come-uppance, “New York’s Totally Crooked Cop” is a neat little article on “Cheerful Charlie Becker”, the NYPD lieutenant who went to the electric chair…

Kenneth McDuff never had any pretensions to being on the right side of the law at any time. Found guilty of murder – of two little boys and a young woman – in 1967, he was sentenced to death in the electric chair. There the story should end – but unhappily the Texas justice system, not normally noted for its leniency in dealing with killers, blundered. Thanks to a constitutional controversy McDuff was released in 1989 – and prompty resumed his murderous career.

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