True Detective June 2021


John Wayne Gacy seemed like such a nice guy, but appearances, as we all know, can be deceptive. Affable, community-minded, always smiling… who’d think that the guy who dressed up as a clown to entertain the kids could have such a dark side – and be getting away with murder time and time again? Yet for six years in the 1970s Chicago-based building contractor Gacy carried out a remorseless campaign of torture and murder, targeting teenage boys and young men. When investigators finally began to suspect the divorcee, a search of his Norwood Park Township property ensued. And after the first remains were discovered, the bodies just kept appearing…. Read “America’s Most Evil – Killer Clown Gacy Claimed 33 Victims” in this issue for the incredible full story.

This month’s Crimes That Made The Headlines, “The Mitcham Dairy Murder” takes us back to 1962 and a case that remains, nearly 60 years later, mired in controversy. During a bungled raid at the Surrey dairy, employee Dennis Hurden was fatally wounded by a shot from a Luger pistol. But who fired the weapon? George Thatcher would be sent down for murder – and claim forever more that he was entirely innocent of the crime he was convicted of. Was he really fitted up, as he would claim? Read our in-depth report and make up your own mind.

* America’s Most Evil: Killer Clown Gacy Claimed 33 Victims

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: The Mitcham Dairy Murder

* In-laws Or Outlaws? Was Professor’s Murder A Family Affair?

* Ireland’s Mystery Of Murdering Hollow

* “Why Don’t You Murder Me?”

* Wandsworth’s Days Of Hanging, Part 9

* Questions & Answers: Who Killed “Little Granny”?

* Hanged In Australia: Officer Assassinated – Inside Police Station

* Execution USA

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