True Detective June 2001


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This month’s True Detective opens with a re-examination of Jeremy Bamber’s case in the light of his recent claim on the internet that his is innocent. He is widely regarded as a monster following his conviction in 1986 for the murders of five members of his own family, including two small children, but this conviction is now being re-examined. What’s it all about? Judge for yourself. Read the story with Bamber’s own words from his website.

Stalking seems to be an occupational hazard for celebrities these days, but there are many ordinary people who are also affected and in the case of Diego Pineiro-Villar is a chilling indictment of how helpless the police are in such cases. Although the 12-year-old boy was given a mobile phone as protection, it just wasn’t enough to shield him from the Satanist who was looking for a human sacrifice.

Following our study on Jack the Ripper and the occult last month, William Kendal reviews Jack The Ripper’s Black Magic Rituals. Does this satisfy all those Ripperologists out there?

Finally, the new series Blackguards, Tyrants and Rogues opens with the legend of Dick Turpin and his partner in crime, Tom King. In those days honour amonst theieves was as much part of the job as the stealing itself, and Frederick Black’s entertaining account makes for a ripping good read.

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