True Detective June 1994

True Detective June 1994


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Our opening article deals with “houses of horror,” in the light of the horrible discoveries at 25 Cromwell Street. of course addresses to make folks shudder have cropped up for many years. Murder On The Map ponders on why some places are associated with the crimes which occurred there for ever afterwards, while others are simply forgotten. Strange, isn’t it?

When a person whose profession is to keep law and order actually breaks the law, it always make news. When the law he or she breaks is: Thou Shalt Not Kill, the news is sensational. It is too serious to cover up for the sake of public confidence – not some misdemeanour for which the offender is forced to take early retirement. In A.W. Moss’s story, the policeman in question had already taken early retirement – without a pension – and he had already crossed the line between honesty and criminality. And then he embarked on activities which have, in the last decade, been recognised as a crime in the United States but which our system of justice still refuses to acknowledge despite this and other examples – stalking!

Deceit comes in many guises but the commonest is friendship. William Dobitz was happy to accept the middle-aged man who had befriended his wife, treating him almost as one of the family. But that friendship was abruptly withdrawn one muggy evening when a man with a gun went on the prowl. Who Blasted William Dobitz? Is an unusual case of two-way betrayal.

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