True Detective July 2019

True Detective July 2019


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Hostages, Hit-Men…And Homicide, read the full story of cold-hearted Bernadette Beanes involving her crazy crime spree with lover and partner in crime that would result in his death!

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Wartime Melbourne, 1942, and the lights were being kept low. Exploiting the murderous opportunities presented by the brownout was proving irresistible for a killer, later revealed as Eddie Leonski. Melbourne police knew their suspect was an American serviceman with a beguiling grin and a peculiar way of lacing his drinks. The fingerprints he’d left at the crime scenes had been intentionally smudged, and none of the witnesses had noticed one factor which might have singled him out among the countless US soldiers in the city: he had protruding ears…Read Hanged In Australia – Melbourne’s Jekyll And Hyde Murders for the full story.

In the early 1960s he abducted and raped a Mansfield shop assistant and dumped her body in a canal. For that crime heartless killer Ronald Evans would spend just 11 years behind bars. The authorities no doubt hoped that Evans was a reformed character when he was released on parole in the mid-1970s. But, as Crimes That Made The Headlines: Bingo Night – With A Body In The Boot shows, he remained a terrible threat to women. Before long a string of horrific sexual assaults began in the Clifton area of Bristol, yet Evans slipped through the net – and he would evade justice for years to come.

She was hoping for a fun holiday, but two days after arriving in Ireland in October 2007, 17-year-old Swiss student Manuela Riedo was dead, having been raped and murdered. Soon police swooped on a suspect – a man who was still being investigated for the rape of a Frenchwoman just weeks earlier…Read Irishman’s Trail Of Rape And Murder for the full story.

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