True Detective January 1994


London Gangland – The Sabini Gang Al Capone Massacre at Waco

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The Sabini Gang is unfortunatley the last in our highly enjoyable London Gangland series. It has been a matter of delight and controversy with our readers.

Controversy is a key theme in this issue: drugs, religion and politics – and racism.

Should we legalise drugs? Our article deals with the matter concisely, and many leading police offiers would concur with the sentiments.

Massacre at Waco, will make you realise the horrendous misuse of power of which the FBI are capable. Certainly the adherents of religious leader David Koresh were accumulating arms, but was that reason enough for the authorities to storm the compound, guns blazing? One is inclined to regard cults as inherently evil, their members brainwashed and paranoid. In this case, though, it is apparent that paranoia was a two-way process between the FBI and David Koresh and his followers.

Finally, to round up our controversial theme, a spot of racism in Mississippi Murder. A white cop was shot to death and the only witness, an elderly white woman, said that the black youth who stood trial for the murder was not the one…However, a wealth of evidence against the youth had ben amassed – and they executed him. Food for thought? We hope so!

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