True Detective January 1992


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Manchester murders recalled by Superintendent James Bent. A fascinating insight into murder investigations more than a century ago.

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The recollection of Superintendent Bent, a Victorian policeman who attained his high rank despite a childhood full of setbacks and little time for education, give a remarkable insight into life in those days. That Bent was remarkably courageous law enforcer is beyond doubt. But that he allowed himself to be tempted to ‘fit up’ an innocent man in the absence of other murder suspects is also clear. Luckily, Bent’s ‘victim’ was too young to hang, and he spent only two years in prison before being vindicated. How glibly the superintendent acquitted himself of blame in the case! Two two-parter is especially a must for policemen, in service or retired, and anyone who had a brush with the law!

Mrs. Hanano sensed something was wrong minutes before the gang pulled the gun out. The victims fell to their knees and said their prayers before being shot though a layer of mattress. Were they going to die for their Corvette?

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