True Detective February 2016

True Detective February 2016


Sixty years ago this month, Britain’s top executioner Albert Pierrepoint suddenly resigned…


Sixty years ago this month, Britain’s top executioner Albert Pierrepoint suddenly resigned. His shock departure, after 24 years of service during which he had despatched some 434 men and women, was a blow to the authorities and the cause of much speculation for years afterwards. Why did he decide to go? Many people, including the reader who prompted us to include the feature, have wondered whether it could have been because of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged on these shores. However, the truth is, arguably, even more surprising. Turn to Questions & Answers, What Made Pierrepoint Resign? Before you get there, don’t miss this month’s Crimes That Made The Headlines, Two Robbers Hanged For London Shooting, in which Pierrepoint makes another appearance.

America, where the right to bear arms is written in the constitution, has tragically had more than its fair share of gun crime outrages. When 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker (left) and her cameraman colleague Adam Ward, 27, were shot dead during a live TV broadcast in Virginia – and footage of the slayings was posted on the internet by their killer – the nation was stunned. Not surprisingly, there were immediate calls for greater gun restrictions. and Shot Dead…Live On TV for the full story.

Don’t miss too the second part of Commonwealth Of Killing, which features a memorable and highly controversial case from Gibraltar.

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