True Detective December 2021

True Detective December 2021


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David Tiley may not be Britain’s most infamous killer but he will never see freedom again. Why? Because the last time the authorities released him from prison he went on to savagely end the lives of two women. Fourteen years ago, in 2007, a manhunt got under way for Tiley after he was linked with a double-murder in Southampton. A criminal deemed by police and social workers to be low-to-medium-risk on his release from prison in 2001 was now very much regarded as “extremely dangerous.” See this issue’s “Crimes That Made The Headlines: Rapist Released Early – To Murder Two Women” for the full story.

Part three of our “Hanged In Wales” series takes us to Swansea for a 19th-century puzzler calle “A Killer Lay In Wait – Under The Bed”. Publican Fred Kent and his wife Fanny went to bed as normal in their lodgings above the Gloucester Hotel. Little did they know that an intruder had got there before them….

We go Down Under for a cold-blooded killing in “Hanged In Australia – Drunken Mob In The Dock For Vineyard Slaying”. Wine maker Charles Lauffer had found his own little bit of paradise for himself and his family in Glen Forest. But a rowdy party visiting from Perth were intent on causing trouble – and about to destroy the rural idyll forever.

Highlights this issue include:

* Bodies In The Back Garden

* Pillow Talk Spilled Sisters’ Murder Secret

* Hanged In Wales: A Killer Lay In Wait… Under The Bed

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Rapist Released Early – To Murder Two Women

* Hanged In Australia: Drunken Mob In The Dock For Vineyard Slaying

* Execution USA

* Questions & Answers: Mystery Of The “Lady In The Lake”

* Did Army “Hero” Kill Three?

* When Dilys Didn’t Want To Die

* Japan’s Svengali Of Death

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