True Detective December 1991


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Serial Killer Leonard Lake… On Death Row – Faye & Ray: Oldest couple sentenced to death Working murders were the last men to hang

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Who would Sigmund Freud have made of the escalation in sadistic sex crimes which has taken place this century? Would the man known as the father of psychiatry have been baffled by such a dangerous head-case as Leonard Lake? What would he have made of Christopher Garaz, who undoubtedly played the leading role in a two-man outrage against a schoolmate? Read the story ‘Who Brutalised The Hogtied Nude’ and see if you can make sense of his motive.

‘Not By The Rope Alone’ is an interesting and informative article on methods of execution in this country in the bad old days. In some instances there are some real eye-oependers! Did you know for instance that in England husband killing was once looked on as a form of treason? You didn’t? Well, remember where you read it. The stories in True Detective are the most telling instances of human life, past and present. If you are interested in villains then you are interested in people!

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