True Detective August 2020


Heather Stigliano was a young woman with everything to live for. Hard-working, dependable and attractive, she was living in an apartment in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, working shifts at a restaurant when her life came to a brutal end at the hands of a drug-crazed killer. Much has been written over the years about the effects of crack cocaine on human behaviour. In “America’s Most Evil – ‘I Deserve The Electric Chair”’ in this issue, addict-turned-murderer James Whipple explains how dependency on the drug inspired his heinous actions.

“Crimes That Made The Headlines – Yorkshire Mystery Of The Burning Car” takes us back to the Northern England of the early 70s. Residents in Batley were shocked to be woken by the sound of explosions coming from the direction of waste land. A Ford car belonging to a taxi driver had been set alight. But where was the driver, and why was there a sawn-off shotgun in the rear of the vehicle? Read the full story In True Detective August.

Finally, don’t miss “Questions & Answers – The Lethal Landlord Of Islington”, our extra-length exploration of the notorious case of Frederick Seddon. Was Seddon’s wife equally responsible for the murder of the couple’s lodger?

Highlights this issue include:

* “You’re Not A Serial Killer, Right?”

* Crimes That Made The Headlines: Yorkshire Mystery Of The Burning Car

* America’s Most Evil: “I Deserve The Electric Chair”

* Hanged In Australia: Tragic Story Of Emma And Little Johnny

* Questions & Answers: The Lethal Landlord Of Islington

* Shocking Crimes Of “Ice Lady” Virginia

* April’s Slayer Must Stay In Prison For Life

* Hanged At Crumlin Road Prison – Part 8

* Execution USA

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