True Crime Summer Special 2003


30 years on…The boy who fought back! Wife was an "alien" they had to murder. The twilight world of William Vincent Pregnant niece’s deal with the devil.

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Thirty years on…The boy who fought back. The Martin Andrews story.

Deadly affair of the London schoolgirl and a mobile greengrocer from Norwich.

Death row detour to Disneyland. Friends Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis lived in the same apartment block in Oregon City. Both girls were abducted on their way to school in the morning, within three months of each other. Their mothers were convinced that they knew their kidnapper who was most probably living in their midst. It took eight months before the FBI honed in on a suspect…a man who had taken Ashley on a trip to Disneyland with a detour to San Quentin’s Death Row.

The twilight world of William Vincent. A police informer and homosexual who picked up young men for sex. Some would last for five or six encounters, then he would tire of them and search for fresh faces. Then there was one lad he wouldn’t give up – with grave consequences.

Evil spell of the black witch of Kinston. What were her thoughts on December 6th, 2002? Did she ponder over the fate of Earnest Basden, or shed a tear for him that day? It is doubtful. People as cold-blooded as her have ice, not blood in their veins. And Ernest? Did he curse her for the millionth time as the guards made ready to wipe him off the face of the earth?

Northampton horror: Was Susie killed by an ex-boy scout gone berserk? The day after a 10-year-old girl was murdered police received a strange call. An ex-scoutmaster said a young man attacked him, dragged him to the sewage works and threw him in a large tank…

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