True Crime Summer Special 2002


Trasvestite and the dead millionaire. Murder of a Soho porn queen. Horror of the killer dogs. Was Lolo Ferrari murdered?

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Blond Harry Titlow. A transvestite, he had his heart set on becoming a full-blooded transsexual but had one problem – money. With his aunt Billie Rogers they devised a way to get it…

A fatal fantasy. Terrible tragedy in Ulverston. Ellis Worsley beieved he was at the point of death, and he considered it ‘perfectly proper’ that Alice Brockbank should die with him…

Was Lolo Ferrari murdered? When the woman with the world’s biggest breasts died two years ago the cause was given as an overdose. Now French police are re-opening the case – with murder in mind.

Horror of the killer dogs. Some killers never go to trial. They are promptly executed, and that’s that. They are dogs too dangerous to be allowed to live, but it’s the irresponsible people in charge of them who are the criminals…

Murder of a Soho porn queen.

Dressed for mourning. Dressmaker to the stars in double murder horror.

Murder in Cambridge. "Lend me a spade, I have to dig a grave!"

Kristine’s deadly secrets and lies. The music teacher had been battered and strangled and her body was found in the basement of her Californian home.

The Cardiff mutilators. When his parents found out he had fallen in love with a married white woman they upbraided him and themselves. They they thrashed him with whatever came to hand…

Double murder in Lancashire: Couple battered to death with a poker.

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