True Crime Summer Special 1995


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Secrets of the doctor’s surgery Crime of passion in Epping Forest The world’s greatest swindler Hillbilly love games turned to murder

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Crimes Of Passion In Epping Forest
For the love of a prostitute William Yeldham went to the gallows

Secrets Of The Doctor’s Surgery
Behind the doors of Dr. Kennedy’s surgery a lethal love potion put an end to the nights of passion

The World’s Greatest Swindler
The rich and famous all loved and entertained Anthony Parkington. In turn he took their money and hospitality

Hillbilly Love Games Turned To Murder
"Bunk" Stallings. He bought aphrodisiacs "to make my farm animals willing" – and used the drugs on the women he’d been taking out!

"I Missed Death In The Electric Chair By Inches"
"I was innocent. So why did I confess? At the time I would have admitted to the murder of Abraham Lincoln. I was given the third degree. Under that the average man, I am sure, will admit to anything"

The Fourth Man In A Five-Corpse Plan
There was a homicidal maniac about – but he was difficult to catch. In fact because he left such time gaps between killings, and because of the occupation by the Nazis, police couldn’t be absolutely sure of a link between the deaths. But by 1952 the war was over and the Germans had gone. Now they could do a proper investigation.

Trapping New Jersey’s Gorilla Man Knife Killer
Pretty Sally Mullen was the victim of the ape-like assailant

The Scunthorpe Killer Albert Pierrepoint Could Not Hang!

Blond Gungirl Paid The Penalty
The lethal affair of Ruth Ellis

The Case Of The Wanton Murderess
She was a woman ahead of her time, not willing to waste her life in a meaningless marriage, yet not independent enough for divorce…

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