Scenes Of Murder Then And Now

Scenes Of Murder Then And Now


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Beautifully presented book with comparison photos and crime plans from 1812 to the 1960s

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Far too often it is the perpetrators of murder who are remembered while their victims, many lying in unmarked graves, remain lost to history. Here is a book that sets out to redress the balance.

Publishers After The Battle have investigated 150 years of murder and present their findings in a "then and now" comparison of photographs. With material drawn from police files and press archives, covering a wide variety of murders committed between the shooting of the prime minister in the House of Commons in 1812 and killings on the streets of London in the 1960s.

Amongst those included are many infamous cases including those of Jack the Ripper, Dr. Crippen, Kennedy and Browne, John Christie, Donald Hume, Ruth Ellis, Ronald Marwood, Guenther Podola and the Roberts gang, along with many other less notorious – but equally important – cases.

Using extracts from eyewitnesses’ and investigating officers’ statements, murderers own descriptions from their confessions, contemporary newspaper articles, pathologist and coroners reports and even recollections of executioners, the reports are presented with photographs of the murder scenes as they appear today.

In the course of research the authors also assisted in achieving formal recognition for Doreen Marshall, one of the victims of Neville Heath, who was murdered while she was serving her country, yet omitted from the commemorative records of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission until now.

This A4-sized hardback book is a must-have edition for any genuine true crime enthusiast’s library.

*Readers should be warned that homicide is not a subject for the faint-hearted and the collection does include graphic photographs of crime scenes and victims.


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