Northamptonshire Murders

Northamptonshire Murders


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Baffling case of Lydia Atley at Ringstead in 1850

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Contained within the pages of this book are the stories behing some of the most notorious mruders in Northamptonshire’s history. From the baffling case of Lydia Atley at Ringstead in 1850 to the unsolved double murder at Ashton village in 1952, these are the accounts of cases that once horrified and captivated a discernign public.

The stories here include cases committed when murder was a capital offence, carryingw with it the ultimate penalty, and where the proving of innocence or guilt often rested upon a single piece of evidence, or the oratory skills of a barrister well versed in the gladiatorial atmosphere of the courtroom.

From Andrew macRae, who dumped the headless corpse of his victim in a ditch at East Haddon, to the odious Sulgrave child killer James Shaw, who murdered his nephew in a cornfield, this is a study of cases that have shocked the county.


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