Murder Most Foul No. 79

Murder Most Foul No. 79


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It was a few minutes past 10 p.m. that night of December 15th, 1948, when Mr. Mason frantically banged

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It was a few minutes past 10 p.m. that night of December 15th, 1948, when Mr. Mason frantically banged on the door of his nearest neighbour’s house in Queensway, Scunthorpe. With tears streaming down his face he cried, “Someone has killed my Joan!” For it was her body he had found on the path at 10 o’clock that night, although it hadn’t been there 30 minutes earlier when he set out to look for her. So had the 14-year-old victim been killed and her body kept by her murderer before being cruelly dumped in her own front garden for her father to find? And what part did their twice-widowed housekeeper play in the mystery?

A Union Jack draped the coffin of William Gregory in a belated tribute to the man who found that braving German bullets in the First World War was one thing, but coping with unemployment in civilian life was another.

Graham Mailes couldn’t remember how young he was when he left home, although he told police he had been on the road all his life. He had never been to school, never had a job and had no friends. He could not read or write and his cleft palate and speech impediment gave the impression that he was retarded. Then, inexplicably, on the night of March 23rd, 1996, the lives of Graham Mailes and vivacious teenage student Kim Meredith clashed briefly for the first and last time.

It was all so simple. Deadly simple. John George Thompson had a problem in the form of pretty Maggie Lieutand. And Thompson could think of only one solution as he looked at a display of revolvers in Mendelssohn’s shop in Blackett Street, Newcastle.

Stephanus Louis van Wyk was the son of a Dutch farmer who had his family’s good reputation and his bible to protect him in court – and they did. But could he get away with murder twice?

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