Murder Most Foul No. 119


One of New York’s most gripping and sensational murder cases features in this latest edition of Murder Most Foul. It began in September 1913 after two parts of a young woman’s torso were found wrapped in brown paper floating in the Hudson River. Who was the victim, and who was her killer? A classic investigation followed which would lead detectives to a most surprising and unusual suspect. Read “Former Priest Cut Bride Into Nine Pieces” in this issue for the full story.

Fathers-turned-killers feature in two chilling cases. In “Meet One Of Canada’s Worst Mass Murderers” we enter the dark world of depressed dad-of-four Bill Luft. A once loving father, by the year 2000 he had become a ticking time bomb. And on July 7th the devil inside him came out in a night of madness and murder…

Australian father-of-three Robert Farquharson was unhappy with life after splitting up from his wife and leaving the family home. “Cindy will suffer every Father’s Day,” he reportedly told a friend before the deadly events. Don’t miss “Horror On Father’s Day”.

Australian schoolgirl Carly Ryan was besotted with her new online pal “Brandon.” Little did she know that the pal she thought was a fun 18-year-old was in fact middle-aged paedophile Garry Newman, who spent his days preying on young girls… See this issue’s “When A Predator Came To Carly’s Party”.

Highlights this issue include:

* What Drove Tammy Jo’s Cannibal Killer?

* Nightmare Before Christmas

* Why Mercy For The Bethnal Green Killer?

* The Last Double-Execution In Great Britain

* Who Ordered The Hit On Teen Wife Vicky?

* Former Priest Cut Bride Into Nine Pieces

* The Strangling Of Baby Ruffle

* When A Predator Came To Carly’s Party

* Deadly Secrets Of Dr. Ruth’s Surgery

* Would The Children’s Evidence Hang Farmer Smyth?

* Meet One Of Canada’s Worst Mass-Murderers

* Horror On Father’s Day

* The Cumminsville Horror

* The Boy With A Body In A Wheelie-Bin

* Gallows For Derbyshire Man Who Killed His Mother

* Knife Crimes Of New Jersey’s “Gorilla Man”

* Home Guard Horror

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