Murder Most Foul No. 116


“There is no better killer in the world than me,” boasted Anatoly Onoprienko after his capture in the mid-90s. And he had a fair point. The Ukrainian monster had murdered more than 50 men, women and children in a seven-year horror spree of indiscriminate serial killing that shocked the world and brought misery to his nation.

Remorseless Onoprienko added: “After what I have learnt out there, I have no competitors in my field. I have no regrets, no remorse, and I would do it again if I could.” Read “Meet The Terminator” in this issue for the full, horrific story.

Money, and what happens to it after our demise, can be a troubling question and cause family rifts and worse. When a husband or wife are on their second marriage and there are already children by the first union, such conversations can have deadly consequences. Raymond Singh, whose British wife Wendy was on her second marriage, took it further. Don’t miss “Horror In Paradise” in this issue.

“Was Sex The Spur To Murder?” That was just one of the questions puzzling investigators after the murder of Israel Ellis in the Cannon Hill Park area of Birmingham in 1949. He’d been with his girlfriend Bessie at the time – and perhaps the killer wasn’t happy about. it Full report in this issue.

Finally, don’t miss “Killer Grandma Stole Victim’s Identity”. Lois Riess’s descent into double-murder is truly shocking.

Highlights of this issue include:

* No Body, No Crime?

* Meet The Terminator

* Multi-Millionaire Kills To Seal Property Deal

* Stripper Sliced Her Husband Into Pieces

* Sydney Mass-Killer Given $30,000 Reward

* Couples Who Kill: Killer Couple Played With Their Victims’ Heads

* Sheffield’s Winter Of Murder

* Horror In Paradise

* Husband “Disposed Of Wife’s Body Parts Through Porthole”

* Unsolved: Was Sex The Spur To Murder?

* Killer Grandma Stole Victim’s Identity

* Mistress With A Deadly Obsession

* Unsolved 2: The Liverpool Sack Murder

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