Murder Most Foul No. 115


Yelling out in case anyone was still alive at the hilltop mansion overlooking San Diego, Rio DiAngelo raced from room to room. But all he found were body after body, each with plastic bags over their heads…In Horror Of The Heaven’s Gate Cult, DiAngelo, the only survivor of the largest mass suicide on American soil, gives his insights into the events that shocked the world 23 years ago in March 1997. Don’t miss it.

Just over a year later, in July 1998, the US was left stunned once again when troubled Russell Weston went on the rampage in the United States Capitol building in Washington DC. In Double-Murder On Capitol Hill, we revisit the case which after a period of national mourning quickly sparked a debate over when a killer was sane enough to face execution. Could an individual who believed that the ripening of corn caused the reversal of time and that eating potatoes caused blindness ever face the needle?

Closer to home we look back at a memorable case of matricide in Margate – The Evidence That Hanged Sidney Fox – and the Cornish love triangle mystery, The Millbrook Skeleton.

Finally, make sure to take a trip to Italy or a chilling encounter with Leonarda Cianciulli, The Deadly Soap-Maker Of Correggio.

Other cases include:

Why Sugar-Daddy Strangled Georgina

Horror Of The Heaven’s Gate Cult

“Nice Guy” Glenn Kept Bodies In Barrels

The Beast Who Traded In Children’s Bodies

Why Little Louie Was Hanged

Killed By His Dad – Buried By His Siblings

The Evidence That Hanged Sidney Fox

The Bluebeard Of Austria

Nine Victims For “Flaming Mame”

What Has He Done With Theresa, Joan And Christine’s Bodies?

The Millbrook Skeleton

Unsolved: “They Brought A Rope To Hang Me”

Double-Murder On Capitol Hill

The Deadly Soap-Maker Of Correggio

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