Murder Most Foul No. 114

Murder Most Foul No. 114


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Despite problems Christine Paolilla was so much part of the in-crowd that the campus voted her Miss Irresistible…So why did she murder the friends that had transformed her from an ugly duckling into a swan?

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One of the most extraordinary murder cases in criminal history features in this latest edition of MMF. Frederick Bailey Deeming’s psychopathic killings took him from Britain to Australia but the lifelong swindler’s cross-continental criminal activities saw him active in South Africa and Europe, too. Born in Leicestershire, Deeming had run away to sea at the age of 16 and in 1880s Australia he was considered a reliable worker before he stole from his employers. When Deeming turned to murder the shocking savagery of it was enough to make headlines worldwide and invoke speculation in some quarters that “Mad Fred” could have been Jack the Ripper. Check out A Killing Career Without Parallel for the full incredible story.

Goofy and strange but also wealthy and successful, US thrift-store boss Herbert Baumeister was a devoted father and family man. The trouble was, he also had a liking for hanging out at gay bars in Indiana and strangling those who made the mistake of being lured away by him. Discover the full case in a Serial Killer Used His Garden As A Crematorium. Finally, for a Florida horror story, don’t miss Billy And Mary’s Gulf Coast Murder Spree in the amazing case What Did Mary Do With Lillian’s Head, Arms And Legs?

Other cases include:

Why Christine Shot Four Friends

Murder In Great Yarmouth – Then A Botched Execution

Couples Who Kill: Billy And Mary’s Gulf Coast Murder Spree

Poisoner Who Liked Funerals

Unsolved: Sex, Wild Parties And Two Mystery Murders

Australia’s “Modern Ned Kelly” Killer

Terror Of The Krakow Vampire

Who Threw Arthur Out Of The Window?

Brutal Murder In Pastor’s Love Triangle

“I’m Going To Be Famous”

Broadstairs Murder By Mistake

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