Murder Most Foul No. 113

Murder Most Foul No. 113


How Darlene Bungled Husband’s Murder – “Frankly, it’s very difficult to accept that a beautiful young woman with three boys would crawl across a bed and execute her husband. But this is what happened”


He was a serial killer who had lived in Whitechapel in 1888, and his extensive medical training meant he had the anatomical skill to remove organs. But could Polish “barber-surgeon” George Chapman (Severin Klosowski) have been the infamous Ripper? Chapman’s victims were all women and his actions before and afterwards suggested he had utter contempt for the law and the possibility of capture. In Serial Killer Who Police Thought Was Jack The Ripper, we consider the evidence for this curious womanising women-hater. Whether or not he was Jack, he would pay the ultimate price for his known crimes…

Investigators in Frankfurt are largely convinced that a string of unsolved killings from the 70s to the 2000s were the work of jazz-playing family man and murderous mutilator Manfred Seel. Unlike Chapman all those years earlier, Seel, who kept the mutilated remains of a victim in a rented garage, led the perfect double-life. Read, Was This Frankfurt’s Jack The Ripper? for the full story.

Rapist Preferred His Victims Dead, tells the story of necrophile cannibal Carroll Edward Cole. He drifted around the US picking up lonely women in bars and encouraging them to match him for drinks – with deadly consequences.

Finally to Australia and Six Victims For The “Messiah Of Melbourne.” Behind the wheel of a car “Jimmy” Gargasoulas felt like God and took his twisted vengeance upon six innocents who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cases Include:

How Darlene Bungled Husband’s Murder

Opinion – More of your views

Stafford’s Murder Street

Don’t Turn Your back On Claudia…That’s When She Shoots

Serial Killer Who Police Thought Was Jack The Ripper

Six Victims For The “Messiah Of Melbourne”

Couples Who Kill: Sex Crimes Of The Ken And Barbie Killers

Unsolved: Was This Rose’s Killer?

Rapist Preferred His Victims Dead

Lover’s Suicide Turns To Murder
How I Caught The Kindly Immigrant’s Killers

A Husband’s Twisted Revenge

Unsolved 2: Who Was Gaye’s Killer?

“I Chopped Off Her Head And Buried The Body…”

Was This Frankfurt’s Jack The Ripper?



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