Murder Most Foul No. 108


Two of the United State’s most notorious serial killers – H.H. Holmes and Albert Fish – feature in this latest 13-case edition of Murder Most Foul Holmes, whose real name was Herman Webster Mudgett, was the evil genius, con-man, bigamist and killer infamous for his deadly Chicago “Castle.” But could he also have been as his great-great-grandson Jeff Mudgett speculates. Jack the Ripper? In Aerican Ripper? He Killed Many – Bit Was He Jack?. We look at the extraordinary Holmes case and consider the evidence.

In “Little Girls Have More Flavour,” we enter the twisted world of cannibal killer Fish – the despicable abductor of 12-year-old New Yorker Grace Budd. When justice finally caught up with Fish, he embraced his fate with typically perverted relish. “To die in the electric chair is the supreme thrill, the only one I haven’t tried.” he said as his date with the chair approached…

Alongside Holmes and Fish’s deadly deeds are a selection of astonishing true crime stories from Britain, France (involving two tragic holidaying Brits), South Africa, Australia, South America and, of course, the US of today – a veritable cocktail of chilling tales.

  • She Changed Her Face To Save Her Skin
  • Opinion : More of Your Views
  • Unsolved : Norfolk Teachers Bound And “Executed”
  • Edythe set Fire To Love Rival’s Face
  • The Second Yorkshire Ripper
  • What Uncle Derek Did To Michelle
  • Couples Who Kill: Why Kay’s Con-Man Killed Ken
  • Cocky Cape Killer Tauned Victims’ Families
  • “Little Girls Have More Flavour”
  • Crime Camera Extra
  • Cumberland’s Deadly Nursemaid
  • American Ripper? He Killed Many – But Was He Jack?
  • The Monster Of The Andes
  • Gallows For Madeline’s Rape-Killer
  • The Swindon Pub Murders