Murder Most Foul No. 103


  • Orgy Of Rape And Murder – While On Probation
  • 14-Year-Old On Trial For Mum’s Murder…Sentence: 35 Years
  • Two Victims For Queensland’s Iron Pipe Murderer
  • Opinion: More of your views
  • Edith’s Killer Was “The Man With No Boots”
  • Couples Who Kill: The Murder Of Mary Magdalene
  • “Secret Lover” Was Christa’s Killer
  • Unsolved: Cleethorpes’ Rubik’s Cube Mystery
  • Butcher Sold Victims’ Flesh As Pork
  • What Made The Hawaiian Kidnapper Kill?
  • Barrow Butcher Raped And Killed Veronica, 15
  • “I Took Them Out In The Desert And Buried Them Up To Their Necks”
  • Child-Killer Kept A Diary Of Murder
  • Shame Of The Murdering Minister
  • Three Murdered For 30 Dollars
  • “I Cut Her Bloody Head Off”

Who killed Olive Wilkinson? Nearly three-and-a-half decades after the 37-year-old Lincolnshire woman’s untimely demise in June 1983, the question is still being asked. “She was a gentle, kindly soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly. I was terribly shocked when I heard what had happened. I thought, ‘Oh no, not poor Olive.’ She didn’t deserve such an end,” a neighbour commented at the time.  Unsolved – Cleethorpes’ Rubik’s Cube Mystery.

We visit Brighton for Edith’s Killer Was “The Man With No Boots,” the shocking 30s murder case concerning a young woman called Edith Drew-Bear. “The beam of the police officer’s torch revealed the body of a young woman floating face-up in the water tank. She’d been shot in the head and back and a scarf had been tied around her neck.”

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