Murder Most Foul No. 101


For more than 20 years Harry Crawford lived a lie, carrying off an astonishing gender deception whilst living the life of a macho man in New Zealand and Australia. For cursing, smoking Harry was actually an Italian-born woman named Eugenia Falleni – and the truth only came out after he turned killer.

What would turn a middle-aged farmer into the so-called “Borgia of america”? True, Hardscrabble, Ohio, was a dull place to live in the 1920s and for widowed mother-of-four Martha Wise life was certainly not full of luxury.

Scotland had never known a killer like Peter Manuel before. Cold-blooded and without a conscience, his two-year killing spree terrorised and appalled in equal measure. He considered himself to be a criminal mastermind, someone with the attributes and charm to evade capture and get away with the most gruesome, shocking killings. And, when he was captured, his extraordinary trial proved a sensation.

  • Couples Who Kill : Diane The She Devil
  • Opinion: More of Your Views
  • Unsolved: Yorkshire’s Mystery Of the Murdered Prostitutes
  • Beauty Queen Faces Execution
  • What Three Dead Women Told Me
  • Death Sentence For Sydney’s Man-Woman Murderer
  • What Made Martha Kill?
  • Rotting Corpse Behind The Secret Door
  • A Monster Of Rape And Murder
  • Lincolnshire’s Rice Pudding Poison Mystery
  • Why Wife-Killer Stopped Shooting : “I Ran Out Of Bullets”
  • Cynthia The Contract Killer
  • Scotland’s Hunt For A Mass Killer


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