Master Detective Winter Special 2021

Master Detective Winter Special 2021


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World’s Bloodiest Jailbreaks – The Crimes…The Schemes…The Carnage

Desperate men will kill to be free. Shudder at their cruelty…marvel at their ingenuity – just don’t get in their way. Most of these convicts are already killers, with nothing to lose.

And spare a thought, too, for the prison guards and other staff whose very lives are in the balance as hardened criminals attempt to bargain their way to freedom.

In this hand-picked collection of stories from the USA, Britain and Australia, there’s no end to the mayhem and carnage wrought in the name of escape. And YOU have a front-row seat!

Don’t delay – get hold of a copy and experience for yourself what it’s like to be the leader of a daring prison break – or a cowering hostage, awaiting the searing kiss of a killer’s bullet at any moment…

Highlights of this 12-story bumper issue include:

* Nine Dead On the Prison Lawn

* He Executed The Warders Two By Two

* Britain’s Greatest Escape?

* Bloody Sunday At Folsom Prison

* Australia’s Postcard Bandit: Most Wanted

* The Lady Cop And The Animal

* “Show Me The Jail I Can’t Crash”

* Escape From Death Row

* Madmen On The Loose – “A Pandora’s Box From Hell”

* Crash-Out In The Sky

* Gun-For-Hire Killer Goes On The Run

* No Bars Could Hold Such Evil

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