Master Detective Summer Special 2006

Master Detective Summer Special 2006


Sex with the teachers. From Wigan "We made love before I strangled her." Mystery of the body on Eastbourne beach.

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Are there just more wild women in the world these days? We tend to think of paedophies as being male, but these shocking cases from America show that’s not always the case. Now they are attractive, intelligent female teachers – or mothers in Sylvia Johnson’s case. She wanted her daughter’s friends to think she was "cool," so she took to inviting them round to her house where she gave them booze, drugs and sex.

Ann Miller was a "devil woman," according to her lover’s mother. In her wake she left two dead men and two fatherless daughters before moving on to a new husband. Her trial became one of America’s hardest-fought legal battles of recent times, going right up to the US Supreme Court.

What kind of daugther would poison her parents? An exceedingly evil one is the obvious answers. But was Violette Nozieres guilty?

From Paris to Ireland where John McNaughton’s descent into villainy was swift and dramatic. His addition to gambling and the death of his first wife seemed to have robbed this son of a Derry merchant of his sense of honour. But at least he died bravely. Didn’t he?

The Newquay greenshirt murder mystery. The Cornish resort is one of the most popular in Britain and now the undisputed number one for surfers. Nearly 40 years ago, however, the seasons was marred by a terrible crime.

Family die at strychnine picnic. What happened at Lake Catherine on that fateful day in 1033? There were six paper cups on the picnic table containing dregs of grape juice, and there had been a family of five, hurtling towards Hot Springs in their car, each one of them contorted in agony. By the time the car came to a shuddering halt the driver was dead..

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