Master Detective Summer Special 2005

Master Detective Summer Special 2005


Porn star lured to her death. When Oprah was on the murder jury. Rooms full of bodies.

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Porn star Natel King was in it for the money, and prepared to cut corners. She knew that her latest nude photo shoot would be risky – especially when the photographer tied her up and gagged her.

A chilling case from Lancashire. James and Valerie Mason’s plot to kill the insurance man.

Deadly game of hide and seek. The hunter was a violent killer – his prey was an innocent woman and her two children. The game was to last for five weeks – and to cost the lives of two people.

"He is a perverted sex beast at full moon." Most people who knew Frank Rumbold thought he was a respectable, hard-working timber contractor. But his wife, her mother and her sister all claimed that Frank changed when the moon was full, becoming a beast with pervese desires and a shocking temper. Which was the true Frank Rumbold? And why were he and his wife involved in a fatal struggle with a shotgun?

Surgeon wrote book about his own wife’s murder. It was an almost perfect crime story, with intriguing clues scattered all over the murder scene – like footprints in the snow, a cigarette butt, hairs from different people, even a discarded silencer. But the police stepped in to write the last chapter.

Rooms full of bodies. The life and crimes of Dennis Nilsen, the murderer who killed for company.