Master Detective Summer Special 2004


Sally Ann took two hours to kill Kellie. Grandad shot wife at breakfast. The shooting of Lady Derby.

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Sally Ann took two hours to kill Kellie. Sally ann Krivanek, who knew all about her rival, the beautiful, ambitious Kellie Nelson. It seemed to Sally Ann that Kellie had everything she didn’t – a job, youth, and most importantly, the love of Kevin Wolters.

Two dead in stately home: The shooting of Lady Derby. In a night of terror at Knowsley Hall two servants were killed and Lady derby shot after a trainee footman brought in a "souvenir" submachine-gun…

Cynthia Marler. The contract killer. She was flying 900 miles to kill a woman she had never met. This was to be her first murder – and also the last.

From Suffolk: Grandad shot his wife at breakfast. Affair in the potting shed led to murder – former agricultural scientist John Walker and his wife Glenda. "I felt trapped," he said, "like a mouse caught by a cat."

Blushing bride spends her wedding night in police cell. It should be every girl’s dream occasion, but when one teenage bride’s wedding day started to go wrong, tempers flared and it ended in a most unexpected way.

From Scotland: The terrible crimes of "uncle Paddy". All the kids in the Edinburgh tenement loved him. When two wee bairns were found murdered no one was more loud in their condemnation of the killer than the kind Irishman…

One of the most disturbing British murder cases in recent history: After raping Zoe he warned her, "Don’t call the police or I’ll kill you." And that’s exactly what he did. After an early release from prison, he returned to Bradford to seek his horrific revenge.

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