Master Detective Summer Special 2000

Master Detective Summer Special 2000


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The wicked father. Daughter Tracy giving her dramatic evidence. Shocking case of the murderous stepmother. Glasgow murder. Prostitute lured Henry to his death.

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The wicked father. After 26 years, justice had been served. Tracy Rhame testified against her father in the Atlanta courtroom.

Mystery of the three daggers. London, March 3rd, 1961…And the case is aided by a new investigation technique from America.

Shocking case of the murderous stepmother. One of the cruellest murders you are ever likely to read was committed, so one woman claims, in the name of love.

Columbine high school massacre. The story of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who went on a murderous killing spree through Columbine High School in Colorado 1999.

Newcastle’s grinning killer…couldn’t wait to be hanged.

The little child lost. The story of an adopted child who just wanted love from her real mother…but only found terror instead.

A self-assured Beau Arceneaux addresses the press at the launch of a website dedicated to finding missing children. Beau was the ideal person for the job as he was snatched from his mother when just a few months old and found 12 years later through the internet.

The girl who could not stop eating. The story of a teenage girl’s hopeless battle with her weight.

The life and death of Neville Heath. An officer and a sex sadist.

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